Monday, 9 February 2009

Claudias New Website

Claudia is bubbling over with excitement as she sits down with her sister Sarah at the coffee shop.

As Sarah had suggested she had attended the Success Online course ran by Clear Learning and once she had her coffee in place Claudia launched into what she had learnt the previous day on the course.

During the course the trainer had discussed with each person what would be the best web presence for their business and looked at who everyone’s potential customers were. Claudia told Sarah how she felt at ease in the course as it didn’t require any previous experience and there was a mix of people like her who had just started out but also a couple of people who already had websites and were unsure how to market and manage them.

Claudia had decided to sell her products via her website so there were regulations that needed to be considered and more importantly for her decide how she was going to accept payments.

‘Did you know’ continued Claudia, ‘that the 2 biggest online retailers are and and I can start selling my gifts on there first whilst I work on getting my website up and running, plus Mothers Day and Easter is coming soon so I can captailise on that.’

‘Speaking of my website on the course the trainer looked at different websites and we had all discussed the pros and cons of each site, so I already have an idea of what mine will look like.’

Claudia went on to explain to Sarah how the trainer also went through some hints and tips on how to increase chances of being picked up. ‘I had no idea how websites were picked up or why they appeared in the order they do when you type something in Google and it was interesting to learn how that works.’ In addition to that Claudia learnt that she can actually track how people move through the site and where they came from, which gives insight into the customers.

‘Plus look at this,’ Claudia said as she pulled a bright orange book from her bag. ‘We got a workbook that’s full of things to consider, help resources and helpful hints. I’ve attached a list at the back of all the things I now need to do.’

‘I know it’s not going to happen overnight but I know now where to start and how to maximise and market my website- I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier!’

Let’s leave Claudia to it and revisit her in a few months time to see how her website is going.