Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2009 CompTIA A+ and Oracle 11g Courses Released

MindLeaders and Clear Learning are proud to release the following courses for all of our customers, as part of our General Technical package:

CompTIA A+ 2009 Essentials 220-701
This is the first of two exams required towards earning CompTIA A+ 2009 certification. Vendor neutral, the CompTIA A+ certification confirms a technician's ability to understand the fundamentals of computer technology, networking, and security. Additionally, certification ensures an understanding of the basic functionality of the operating system and basic troubleshooting methodology along with the ability to effectively interact with customers and peers.

CompTIA A+ 2009 Practical Application 220-702
The second of two exams required towards earning CompTIA A+ 2009 certification. Vendor neutral, the CompTIA A+ certification confirms a technician's ability to install, configure, upgrade, and maintain PC workstations, the Windows OS and SOHO networks. Additionally, certification ensures an understanding of troubleshooting techniques and tools to effectively and efficiently resolve PC, OS, and network connectivity issues and implement security practices.

Oracle Database 11g Administration I 1Z0-052
The Oracle Database 11g: Administration I study guide will prepare you to become certified as an Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate as well as laying the foundation for the Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional certification. This series will cover some of the more in-depth database administration topics, such as configuration, security, backups, and recovery. These topics, along with a strong emphasis on database management, will prepare you for the exam.

Oracle Databse 11g SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051
The Oracle Database 11g: Fundamentals I study guide will prepare you to become certified as an Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate. This series will cover both basic and in-depth database administration topics, such as using SQL to retrieve, restrict, and sort data, along with using functions, subqueries, and reporting.

We also offer the following course as part of our Desktop Computing package:

PC Applications
This series is designed for computer users who have limited or no computer experience. The series of courses provides an overview of computer hardware, storage, software, and security and copyright considerations. This series also provides introductory instruction on using a personal computer and various PC applications including word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, browser, as well as electronic mail applications.

Friday, 18 September 2009

CompTIA Network + 2009 and Managing within the Law released

It has come to that time of year again and our latest quarter has produced the following new courses:

CompTIA Network+ 2009 (N10-004)
This highly sought-after and interactive series utilizes the new Classroom of 1 format with increased interactivity and video. It will prepare the user for CompTIA Network+ certification, which ensures that a technician is proficient in configuring, installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and managing basic network infrastructure.

Managing Within the Law
There are a myriad of laws and regulations governing workplace issues such as discrimination, harassment and the hiring and dismissal of employees. Our managing within the law programs will help protect you and your employees by educating you about the law that must guide policy and behaviour in the workplace.

Please visit Clear Learning to see a full list of courses available to you.

Monday, 13 July 2009

What Claudia Did Next

What Claudia Did Next

It’s been 5 months since Claudia went on the Success Online course and she’s meeting her sister Sarah for a catch up.

When she arrives-late as usual!-Sarah is already sat waiting at table.

Claudia greets her sister and hands her a card that she made earlier.

‘Its just to say thank you for helping me get my website up and running’

Sarah thanked Claudia but protested that it was Claudia who had done all the hard work and made the fantastic cards.

‘If it wasn’t for you though Sarah I wouldn’t have a website. I hadn’t even thought about selling my cards online until you mentioned it. It was you who told me about the business workshop that Clear Learning ran on Success Online which got me started in the first place.’

Sarah asks how the business is going now she’s got the website up and running.

‘Well, as you know,’ replied Claudia. ‘After I came back from the course I started selling things on EBay whilst I had time to think about what I wanted from my website and how I wanted it to look. That’s going really well and I’ve had positive feedback from customers which shows against my name so potential customers know I have a good reputation and are more likely to order from me’

‘I was going to try and put the site together myself but as I was going to be taking payments and I’m not that technically minded I decided to get the experts in!’

Claudia paused for breath and then was off again telling Sarah about her website, her passion clear for anyone to see.

‘One of the people I met on the Success Online course had given me contact details of a web designer he’d used and strongly recommended him, so its all up and running now.

And you know how disorganised I am so I’ve got timescales and procedures in place in terms of when I’m on holiday, customer service and maintenance of the site.

I got some stats through the other day and its amazing what you can find out about how people move through the site and where they’ve come from and where they go after visiting my site. Due to that and customer queries I’m going to branch out and do other products. I’ve already started on my Christmas line aswell!’ Claudia enthused.

‘So I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes up to a whole new way of running and promoting my business.’

‘That’s great,’ replied Sarah. ‘It’s not just me who you should be thanking. It’s the Success Online course you went on that turned things around, so it’s also Clear Learning you should be thanking.’

‘You know what, I think I’ll do just that’ Claudia said with a twinkle in her eyes. ‘After all I really have had Success Online!’

Friday, 19 June 2009

New online courses added for June 2009

We have recently added a selection of courses to our ever-growing catalogue.

Doing Business in China: A Cultural Approach - This media-rich course provides the fundamentals of Chinese business etiquette. It discusses a variety of social situations, such as business meetings and meals, that might come up on a business trip to China. This course also describes a cultural intelligence approach to working with the Chinese.

Doing Business in India: A Cultural Approach - This media-rich course provides the fundamentals of Indian business etiquette from a cultural perspective. It addresses typical situations that occur while doing business in India.

Project Management Professional Certification 2009 (7 courses) - Yet another media-rich, interactive series! These courses have already been approved by the Project Management Institute for PDUs and will prepare users for the latest PMP exam. This series will prepare users to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close a project using project quality standards as laid out in the fourth edition of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Visio 2007 (7 courses) - Yet another media-rich, interactive series! If you need to explain a complicated process, flowchart, organizational chart, or other diagram, Visio is the tool to help you. This series will walk you through using Visio to build visual information that easily communicates complex topics.

CompTIA Security+ 2008 (SY0-201) (17 courses) - This series, comprised of Practice Exams and Classroom of 1 courseware types, provides students with the proficiencies needed to pursue the CompTIA Security+ certification. This new certification series has been highly anticipated.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Maintenance MCTS 70-432 (4 courses) - This series of practice exams will prepare the user for the Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance exam and are a precursor to the Classroom of 1 courseware that will release in the future.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Lotus Notes 8.5 and More Course Updates

We have now updated our course for the latest version of Lotus Notes, which is available for you to use online. Lotus Notes 8.5 will integrate your e-mail, calendar and schedules into a managable and organised format.

We have also added some more modules to two of our existing courses, Innovation in the Workplace and Problem Solving through Productive Thinking.

Our Innovation in the Workplace course now includes modules that cover areas such as harnessing energy and measuring success, and our Problem Solving course includes putting productive thinking into practise.

Learn more at www.clearlearning.co.uk

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New LEARN Package - General Technical

Clear Learning have just added a new package to their LEARN series, called General Technical. This package includes:

  • C
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders BCMSN 642-811
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders BCMSN 642-812
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders BCRAN 642-821
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders BSCI 642-801
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders BSCI 642-901
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders CCDA 640-441
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders CCDA 640-863
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders CCNA 640-801
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders CCNA 640-802
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders CIT 642-831
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders ICND1 640-822
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders ICND2 640-816
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders ISCW 642-825
  • Cisco Related Series by Mindleaders ONT 642-845
  • CISSP Security Professional 
  • Client/Server Technology for Managers
  • CompTIA A+ Depot Technician 220-604
  • CompTIA A+ Essentials 220-601
  • CompTIA A+ IT Technician 220-602
  • CompTIA A+ Remote Support Technician 220-603
  • CompTIA Network + 2005 (N10-003)
  • CompTIA Server + 2005 (SK0-002) 
  • Data Warehousing
  • DB2
  • DB2 Universal Database
  • ITIL Version 2 Foundation Certificate EX0-100
  • Java 2 Developer SCJD CX-310-252A/CX-310-027
  • Java 2 5.0 Programmer Certification 310-055
  • Linux
  • Linux Red Hat Technician RHCT RH202
  • Notes 5 Programming
  • Novell 560 CNE
  • Novell 570 CNE Advanced Administration
  • OOP Using C++
  • Oracle 
  • Oracle 10g Administration
  • Oracle 10g Database Administration II 1Z0-033
  • Oracle 8
  • Oracle9i Database Fundamentals 1Z0-031
  • Oracle9i Database Fundamentals II 1Z0-032
  • Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning 1Z0-033
  • Oracle9i SQL 1Z0-007
  • PowerBuilder 9 Advanced Development
  • Rational Unified Process
  • RPG IV Programming
  • SAS
  • SAS 8
  • Security +
  • Solaris 8 System Administrator 310-011
  • Solaris 9 System Administrator 310-014/310-015
  • Sybase
  • UML 2.0
  • UNIX Systems
Please visit our website at www.learnaccess.co.uk for more information.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Claudias New Website

Claudia is bubbling over with excitement as she sits down with her sister Sarah at the coffee shop.

As Sarah had suggested she had attended the Success Online course ran by Clear Learning and once she had her coffee in place Claudia launched into what she had learnt the previous day on the course.

During the course the trainer had discussed with each person what would be the best web presence for their business and looked at who everyone’s potential customers were. Claudia told Sarah how she felt at ease in the course as it didn’t require any previous experience and there was a mix of people like her who had just started out but also a couple of people who already had websites and were unsure how to market and manage them.

Claudia had decided to sell her products via her website so there were regulations that needed to be considered and more importantly for her decide how she was going to accept payments.

‘Did you know’ continued Claudia, ‘that the 2 biggest online retailers are eBay.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk and I can start selling my gifts on there first whilst I work on getting my website up and running, plus Mothers Day and Easter is coming soon so I can captailise on that.’

‘Speaking of my website on the course the trainer looked at different websites and we had all discussed the pros and cons of each site, so I already have an idea of what mine will look like.’

Claudia went on to explain to Sarah how the trainer also went through some hints and tips on how to increase chances of being picked up. ‘I had no idea how websites were picked up or why they appeared in the order they do when you type something in Google and it was interesting to learn how that works.’ In addition to that Claudia learnt that she can actually track how people move through the site and where they came from, which gives insight into the customers.

‘Plus look at this,’ Claudia said as she pulled a bright orange book from her bag. ‘We got a workbook that’s full of things to consider, help resources and helpful hints. I’ve attached a list at the back of all the things I now need to do.’

‘I know it’s not going to happen overnight but I know now where to start and how to maximise and market my website- I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier!’

Let’s leave Claudia to it and revisit her in a few months time to see how her website is going.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Free Training Resources

We are noticing a huge trend on our training courses of small business owners needing to learn new skills to cover job roles once dealt with by staff that have recently been made redundant.  It is a very sad time for employer and employee alike.

Cutting costs by taking on the extra job load and having to understand new tasks just seems to add to the stress of running your own business.  This is where it becomes extremely important to understand the ins and outs of running a small business.

Skills such as managing your finances, getting paid on time, and marketing your services can increase cash flow and bring in the customers that are desperately needed at the moment.

There are lots of different places you can go to get the training you need and the internet opens up a plethora of free resources, available at your fingertips.

Online Training

The Open University
The Open University offers a large selection of courses that any business owner would find useful, including Project Planning and Creating an Ethical Organisation.

Microsoft Office Training
Microsoft offer a free 60 day trial of training on their Office products.  This training comes straight from the horses mouth so is very indepth.


Through iTunes you can access various University lectures throughout the world, who can train you on anything from Understanding the Financial Crisis to Business Decision Making.

Free Demos

Clear Learning
We offer free demos to the following courses through our website:

Excel 2007
Introduction to PCs
Web Publishing and Design with HTML 4.01 and XHTML
Communication (Video)

If you are looking for training in a particular area and you can’t seem to find it anywhere, please visit us at Clear Learning to see what we can do for you.