Friday, 6 June 2008

UK universities embrace iTunes U – Will you?

Whilst scanning through the Education section of The Guardian this morning, I found an article detailing how UCL now offers Lecture downloads (and soon to be Course and Lecture notes) through a new portal on iTunes called iTunes U.

UCL are the first mainstream UK University to do this and we think it’s about time. The way that students embrace technology these days, it seems only natural that course content be available on their favourite companion – the iPod.

The benefits to having content available online are endless but first and foremost, it makes life so much easier for everyone. Lecturers can provide their lectures to a new international audience by allowing iTunes users to upload lectures to their iPod or download them to their PCs, and students can keep up-to-date with coursework, if they happen to miss an important lecture (which happens a lot in hectic student life).

Lectures are available with audio and video and are easily viewed through iTunes or an iPod, therefore can be accessed anytime and with an iPod – anywhere. Think of the possibilities. You could be learning about Astrology on the train to work, or cramming for an exam at the family dinner. We could be learning about Nanotechnology, instead of reading about the latest from the Big Brother house. Now which sounds more appealing to you?