Thursday, 17 April 2008

Welcome to the new Clear Learning blog!

Well well well! Here we go again.
This is the second installment of our blog and we are hoping for great things. Now, with a new and improved design, and some eager writers, we plan to bring you the most up to date happenings in the field of learning.
With our team of trainers working throughout the UK and our inhouse online training specialists, Clear Learning have all areas of training covered.

Our training and development solutions include:
  • Small business skills workshops - that tackle common challenges of having your own company. Our half-day workshops cover; finding and employing great staff, getting paid on time and how to make the internet work for your business.
  • Online training courses - that cover a wide range of business and IT disciplines. With 1300 instantly accessible courses, you control when, where and how long you spend training.
  • Customised learning solutions - we’ll work with you to assess your requirements and deliver a bespoke training package that enables you to achieve your goals.
Feel free to get involved by leaving us comments and offering your point or view - this is what we thrive on, so get into it!


Elearing said...

Congratulations with the new Clear Learning blog. I will check back more often.

sorna said...

congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.

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